Red Velvet’s Wendy & Seulgi Had The Most Touching Response To LGBT Signs

Their hearts are filled with love and respect.

It can be tough for idols to speak up about their support for marginalized communities, but that didn’t stop Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi from touching fans’ hearts with their response to LGBT signage.

When the Red Velvet pair were choosing their destination for Battle Trip, Seulgi insisted on Vienna—the setting of her favorite movie, Before Sunrise.

On their way to reenact a scene from the film one night, Seulgi and Wendy spotted something surprising while crossing the road.

Are those traffic lights over there…

— Seulgi

“Shaped like a couple?!”

— Wendy

On their night-time stroll, the pair had come across one of Vienna’s most unique and adorable features: traffic lights that depict couples instead of individual figures.

But the lights don’t just show straight couples. Wendy and Seulgi quickly noticed that the lights featured LGBT pairs too.

They’re holding hands and it’s two women… It really is a woman with another woman.

— Seulgi

Wendy and Seulgi made a quick stop to take photos of the diverse lights, something that can’t be found in South Korea or in most other countries in the world.

It’s so pretty! It’s cute!

— Wendy

After returning to Korea, it seems Wendy made sure to educate herself all about the signs, because she was excited to explain their meanings to the Battle Trip hosts.

It aims to decrease prejudice against gender and disability, and respect diversity. That’s why they installed traffic lights like that.

— Wendy

Fans were so touched to see Wendy and Seulgi’s respect and appreciation for the diversity—and this wasn’t the only time Red Velvet showed love to their LGBTQA+ ReVeluvs.

In the music video and stages for “Peek-a-Boo”, the Red Velvet members wore rainbow-striped clothing. Yeri in particular donned a shirt that read “Love Sees No Color”. While they may not have chosen the styling themselves, when asked about the outfits in an interview, they made it clear that they’re aware of the meaning of the rainbow in today’s modern world.

We have our [social media accounts]. Whenever we look at them, there are a lot of fans. We just wanted to reflect the emotions that are going on with the people… the same age as our group and connect with them through our songs

— Wendy

Yeri cemented this further at the group’s Redmare concert in LA when she wrapped herself in a rainbow flag given to her by fans.

When a fan brought the moment up at a later fansign, Yeri assured them that holding the flag was a special moment she’d never forget.

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