Red Velvet’s Wendy And Seulgi Used 3D Glasses To Transform Into Creatures From Your Worst Nightmares

This “filter” made them terrifying.

Red Velvet used 3D glasses as props for their most recent music video “Zimzalabim” and during the some downtime on the set, Seulgi decided to “artistically” film Wendy using the 3D glasses as a filter.

Seulgi quickly realized that filming like that made it look like a horror movie and Wendy immediately got into character.

Wendy looked like she came right out of a zombie movie. When it was Seulgi’s turn, she looked as if she came right out of Zombies: The Musical. She jumped around with her hair covering her face like a hyper version of The Grudge.

Seulgi was sary for a moment, but then she went full fashion editor, turning the glasses into the statement piece of her wardrobe with a hair flip.

These ladies of Red Velvet made the cutest zombies ever while on set of their new music video “Zimzalabim”. Watch the full Hidden Film below:


Red Velvet