Red Velvet’s Yeri Looked Like An Absolute Angel In These Photos

Angelic visuals.

Recently, photos of Red Velvet‘s Yeri from 2018 during the Korea Popular Music Awards (KPMAs) have been making its rounds, and people love how gorgeous she looks.

yeri red velvet

Many agree that Yeri’s hair, make-up, and outfits suit her. Donning a white dress and a black belt, people are saying that the idol looks like an absolute angel, wearing sparkly jewelry to highlight her sparkling visuals.

yeri red velvet1

Though the photos are almost two years old, many people continuously search for it and look it up, and are unable to get over how angelic she looks. Her make-up look is light and glimmering, and her hair is done simply, yet she somehow manages to look elegant and fancy. It takes a true visual to catch everyone’s breath like that.

yeri red velvet

Yeri has grown up into a fine young lady, and people are glad that the idol is growing up happily and healthily. Fans are hoping that this 2020 treats the idol well.

yeri red velvet2

Source: Pann
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