Red Velvet’s Yeri Made “Friends” With A Snake On “Law Of The Jungle”

She was terrified but handled it like a champ.

On the most recent episode of Law of the Jungle Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Lee Seungyoon go out to find firewood and happen upon a snake. Yeri was so scared that even when she came back to camp, she was talking so fast that she was almost rapping.

Despite being scared out of her mind, she still called the snake “friend”. Woke queen Yeri knew that the snake was just minding its own business and didn’t mean her any harm.

Yeri’s 4D personality is shining through more than ever during her appearance on the show. During the same episode she can be seen cuddling a taro root and calling it a baby.

We can’t wait to see what creatures of the world Yeri makes friends with next.

Red Velvet