Red Velvet Yeri’s Opinions On Mint Chocolate, Pineapple Pizza & More Are So Controversial, Even Her Staff Were Balking

“Now, you can’t argue with this…”

There are some foods that are universally popular (like chocolate), and then there are some that seem to be hated by as many people as they’re loved by—for example, mint chocolate. On her new online show, Yeri’s Room, Yeri attempted to give her definitive opinion on all the most controversial foods. But some of her preferences were so uncommon, even the staff were balking.

First up: mint chocolate, one of the most contested flavors out there. Among the idols who would balk at the mention of a mint choco ice cream are BTS’s V, RM, Jin, and Jimin as well as Lovelyz’s Jisoo and IZ*ONE’s Hyewon.

Yeri, on the other hand, says there are only two answers to the question of mint chocolate: yes or yes.

Isn’t it ‘yes’ or ‘yes’? I also like the color mint.

— Yeri

Next: pineapple on pizza. Arguably, the legitimacy of pizza with pineapple is even more widely debated than mint chocolate. According to Stray KidsChangbin and MOMOLAND’s Hyebin, pineapple completely ruins the pizza experience.

But Yeri just can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love this combo! She even quizzed the Yeri’s Room staff on why they hate pineapple pizza so much.

Even when I have rice noodles, I also order pineapple mixed rice.

— Yeri

Mint chocolate and pineapple pizza are two of the biggest food debates internationally, but what about in Korea? Yeri made sure to weigh in on the local food controversies too—like sweet and sour pork.

Some people prefer to dip their pork in the sauce, while others like the sauce poured all over. As for Yeri? She’s definitely a pour girl.

Now, you can’t argue with this—I’m totally on team pour.

— Yeri

Seems like her opinion is pretty uncommon, as even the staff were balking at the thought of Yeri’s “soggy” preferences!

I tend to like my food soggy. I want my pork cutlet soaked in sauce. Sweet and sour pork also has to be completely drenched. If it’s not, then why have sweet and sour pork at the first place?

— Yeri

And last but not least, Yeri gave her opinion on cucumbers. This popular salad addition is one of the most contested foods in Korea, with EXO’s Baekhyun, ITZY’s Lia, TWICE’s Momo, NCT’s Doyoung and more all on the cucumber hate train.

And according to Yeri, they’re 100% right.

Isn’t that a total NO-NO?

— Yeri

She often eats kimbap as an on-the-go snack during busy schedules, but if it has cucumber inside, she pokes it out with chopsticks.

She hates Korean melon too, which is common among idols who don’t like cucumbers. But curiously, she says she eats way too many pickles… which are just cucumbers steeped in vinegar.

No wonder Yeri’s staff are going crazy!

On this week’s episode of Yeri’s Room, Yeri also weighed in on her nicknames and drank a strange “Korean medicine tea” as a penalty. Watch the full episode here!

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