Red Velvet’s Yeri Promotes Red Velvet In The Cutest Way Possible On “Law of the Jungle”

She’s Red Velvet’s #1 promoter.

During an episode of “Law of the Jungle”, the cast is peeling and eating bananas and that gave Red Velvet‘s Yeri an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. After thinking about it and looking around she begins to sing “ba-banana-ba-ba-bananana-ba…” a part of Red Velvet’s 2018 summer anthem “Power Up”.

She laughs and takes a bite and says “I think I’ll live now”. The bananas definitely gave her the “Power Up” she needed to keep going. Yeri’s charms have been coming out in full-effect during her time on “Law Of The Jungle” and fans can’t wait to see more.

Red Velvet