Red Velvet’s Yeri Shows Fans How She Celebrates Her Birthday Week

It is the perfect mixture of work and play!

March 5 officially marks Red Velvet Yeri‘s birthday!

Idols always like to treat their fans in different ways. This year, Yeri treated her fans to a special vlog she titled “πŸ’œ 5 days with YERI πŸ’œ | YERI’s Birthday week Vlog.”Β 

In the video on the Red Velvet YouTube channel, Yeri showed her schedule throughout the week, showing her fans a behind-the-scenes look at what she has been doing!

Here is how Yeri celebrated her birthday week!

1. Ta-da! Cake is a must!

Even with her busy schedule, Yeri made sure that she had some cake to celebrate her birthday properly!

2. A selfie photoshoot

If taking cute pictures were not enough, how about adding some more cake? She makes it look effortless.

3. Profile Photo Filming

As much as people like to take it easy on their big day, sometimes work gets in the way. It does not seem too hard when the work is looking this glamorous!

4. Pilates

An idol never rests, even on their birthday! Yeri is making sure she stays in peak condition no matter what the occasion!

5. Hanging with her friends

As much as we do not believe it, idols spend their birthdays the same way as us: with friends chatting, eating, and drinking!

6. Waiting to see her birthday campaign from her fans

The only difference is Yeri has adoring fans who put a lot of effort into making sure that everyone celebrates with them!

7. Play on the swings

Nothing helps the inevitable aging process than going to a park, sitting on a swing, and reliving your childhood!

You can watch the full video on the Red Velvet YouTube channel!

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