Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals She Wants To Join Yubin’s New Entertainment Agency

Yeri’s contract with SM Entertainment expires in around 12 to 18 months.

Red Velvet’s Yeri has only been hosting her new talk show, Yeri’s Room on Dum Dum Studio, for around a month. However, in that time, it’s already become a star-studded affair. The latest celebrity guest to join her in the Yeri’s Room studio is soloist and former Wonder Girls member Yubin, who started her own entertainment agency (rrr Entertainment) just a few months ago. And on the June 13 episode, Yeri hinted that she might be joining Yubin’s artist roster in the new future!

As always on Yeri’s Room, Yeri’s questions to Yubin were interesting, funny, and insightful. The host asked her about everything from gifts J. Y. Park bought to which girl group and song Yubin would like to be a part of (to which she answered Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”, of course).

And towards the end of this Monday’s episode, Yeri asked Yubin a question that’s been on everyone’s mind: what are her goals now she’s a CEO?

In previous interviews, Yubin confessed that she’d love to sign the rest of her former Wonder Girls members to rrr Entertainment. But that’s not her only goal. Yubin told Yeri she’d love to scout more amazing artists and discover a national celebrity.

And that’s when Yeri went in for the kill. In response to Yubin saying she’s on the hunt to sign new artists, Yeri let her unnie know that she could be available very soon.

She started her sentence with “My contract with the company actually–”, but Yeri’s Room editors cut the rest from the broadcast! Of course, it’s likely that the sentence ended with Yeri revealing her contract end date to Yubin, suggesting she’d like to join rrr Entertainment too.


Knowing Yeri’s sense of humor, there’s every possibility she could’ve been joking. However, given that Red Velvet debuted in 2014 (with Yeri joining them in early 2015), her 7-year contract will likely be up for renewal talks this year. Perhaps ReVeluvs will see Yeri make a fresh start at Yubin’s company next year. And who knows? Maybe she’d bring her fellow Red Velvet members with her.


Watch EP.6-1 of Yeri’s Room with special guest Yubin right here (English subs included!):

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