Red Velvet’s Yeri Wows Everyone With Her Mature Boss B*tch Vibes As The New Face Of AprilSkin

This maknae is growing up fast.

On July 1, major South Korean cosmetics brand AprilSkin announced that Red Velvet’s Yeri has been selected as the company’s latest muse—and fans are already amazed by those mature, CEO visuals she’s serving.

In just one day, Yeri has already shown off several distinct vibes for the brand. In her advertisements for AprilSkin’s “Magic Snow Cushion 3.0”, Yeri looks like a billionaire boss.

Her neat ponytail complements the midnight black blazer perfectly, with her ear piercings adding a subtle edge to the look.

Her maturity continues to shine in this photo, especially with that bold red lipstick.

It’s hard to believe this confident young woman is the same sweet girl who was singing “Ice Cream Cake” just a few years ago.

Of course, she still has a soft, youthful edge, which AprilSkin highlights in its new advertisements for the brand’s carrot and carotene “Calming Serum”.

Youthful or mature, fans have been blown away by how beautiful she looks in the brand’s photoshoots.

AprilSkin is a relatively new cosmetics brand, appearing on the market just six years ago. However, it’s already made huge waves in South Korea and abroad. In 2017, the brand’s co-founders appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for their innovative influencer marketing techniques and viral products. So, this is deal is definitely a big one for Yeri.

Yeri is the first female muse of the brand, following in the footsteps of former Wanna One member Park Jihoon.

Fans have also praised Yeri for partnering with one of the country’s few cruelty-free cosmetics brands. This all-natural brand does not test its products on animals, nor does it use harmful ingredients.

This is Yeri’s first solo cosmetics endorsement. Alongside her fellow Red Velvet members, she modelled for Etude House in 2018, stealing the show with her stunning advertisements.

She and the rest of Red Velvet were also endorsers for The Saem several years ago.

Watch Yeri’s first promotional video for AprilSkin here:

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