Red Velvet’s Seulgi Exhibits Childish Behavior When Eating Food

Let’s just say she’s very picky with this one type of food.

In recent days, one of Seulgi‘s childish behaviors has been receiving overwhelming attention in online communities and social media, and fans are surprised since Seulgi is normally known for her serious and mature role in Red Velvet.

The childish behavior that netizens are referring to is her hatred of vegetables. Seulgi hates vegetables so much that she even confessed it on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros.

She has a habit of picking out vegetables every time she eats a dish, and it’s been shown on various TV shows as well. In particular, she caused a roar of laughter with her skilled way of picking out green onions from her steamed egg.

In addition, Seulgi also appeared on an episode of LEVEL UP PROJECT! where she showed off her incredible skill in picking out just the carrots from her noodles.

This unexpected and cute charm is making most fans smile as if they’re mothers looking at their cute child. Is there a type of food that you pick out when you eat?

Source: Insight

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