The References To TWICE’s Older Music Videos You Might Have Missed In The “The Feels” Music Video

Did you catch these references?

TWICE just released “The Feels,” and we can’t get enough of the song and its music video!

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The superstar K-Pop group is approaching its sixth anniversary, and it seems as if the members referenced some of their biggest hits in the video for their latest song.

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In one scene from “The Feels,” Momo is shown getting ready for prom with the help of the other members. While filming the group’s reaction video to “The Feels,” Dahyun pointed out that the scene is reminiscent of the scene in “Likey” where the members help Momo with her hair.

| TWICE/YouTube

Dahyun included her own reference to TWICE’s previous songs in the “The Feels” music video, too! She reprised her “What Is Love?” role as Léon from the film Léon: The Professional. She’s shown wearing sunglasses and holding a potted plant during the scene from “The Feels” in which the members are getting ready for prom night together. She wore similar sunglasses while holding a plant in “What Is Love?” while dressed as Léon.

Dahyun decided to include the reference to “What Is Love?” after Chaeyoung pointed out that the swivel chair on the set of “The Feels” reminded her of when Dahyun was Léon. Dahyun looked behind her and noticed a plant and sunglasses, and she “went for it” and added the subtle “What Is Love?” reference into TWICE’s latest video.

We loved seeing these subtle references to TWICE’s previous hits in the “The Feels” music video!

Watch TWICE’s full reaction to their latest music video below.