Relive the greatest moments from BTS’s Seoul concert

The first two dates of BTS‘s Wings Tour has finally come to an end, so it’s time to look back at the greatest moments that took place over the past two nights.

BTS have finally completed the first two dates on the Asia leg of their ongoing Wings Tour, and there have been several amazing moments that have occurred throughout the past two nights. The Wings has started off excellently with more than 40,000 fans attending the Seoul dates. The fans were definitely not disappointed as the much-anticipated stages were nothing less than impressive! Even celebrities such as  SHINee‘s Taemin and the cast of the hit K-Drama Hwarang came out to the last Seoul date.

These six moments were undeniably some of the greatest moments of the Wings Tour so far and if you are attending the upcoming dates, these moments are what you can even look forward to witnessing in person!

1. The fans singing Happy Birthday to J-Hope


This particular moment was exceptionally special as all 20,000 of those fans sung happy birthday to J-Hope, and the outcome was incredibly heart-warming.

2. ARMY’s singing for BTS

“2!3!( Hoping for more good days)”  is ARMY’s official fan song written by BTS, and it is exceptionally heart-warming to hear the crowd sing it in unison.

3. J-Hope performing his mother’s song

J-Hope finally performed, “Mama” the song that he dedicated to his mother. However, what was so special about the moment, was that his mother was in the audience.

4. Jimin’s solo performance

Jimin’s solo stage was definitely one of his greatest performances.

5.  “Spring Day” choreography

On the first Seoul date the choreography of “Spring Day” was finally performed and it looked amazing!

6. Jungkook’s “Begin” stage

Jungkook’s performance of “Begin” is so fast paced and exciting that it definitely changes the atmosphere of the concert. Jungkook showcased his amazing foot work, which is definitely another great talent.