Remember When BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Made Lisa Cry… Just By Writing Her A Letter

Jisoo showed the power of friendship.

A few years ago, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was on the TV program Real Man 300. In episode 5, Lisa was feeling down because she wasn’t able to participate in training…

But then, in a sweet moment, Lisa was surprised with a little surprise from her friend and groupmate Jisoo!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Upon opening the letter, Lisa immediately began to cry!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

As she read it, she proclaimed “Goodness, it’s touching!” While Jisoo’s letter touched Lisa’s heart, Lisa’s tears touched the hearts of BLINKs everywhere!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Jisoo’s touching letter read:

Lisa, it’s so hot these days. I wonder how you’re doing. Come back soon and let’s go to eat something delicious together.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Jisoo’s letter ended with her saying she loved Lisa and expressing joy over seeing her again.

I love you. Hope you come back with a smile on your face.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Lisa also explained that the reason she cried immediately upon opening the letter is that Jisoo included a picture of them together! Aww! Lisa is such a softie!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

There’s nothing more precious than a friendship like the one Lisa and Jisoo have.

Watch the whole clip below: