Remember That Time Heechul Asked JYP How He Would Feel If TWICE Was Dating

Heechul seemed shocked by JYP’s answer.

In an episode of Life Bar from 2019, J.Y. Park discussed a dating scandal he experienced early on in his career after unintentionally revealing he had a girlfriend.

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He said, “I saw other singers were all dating, but they said, ‘Of course not, I’m always with you all…’ I hated everyone for that.” To which a sheepish looking Heechul said, “Oh, I kind of agree with that.

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

The conversation led Heechul to ask, “… You said you kind of hated the people who didn’t admit to relationships. So what if GOT7, TWICE, and Jeon Somi, if any of them were on a show and asked, ‘Are you in a relationship?’ and they answered, ‘Yes, I am,’ how would you feel?

To everyone’s surprise, J.Y. Park responded, “They shouldn’t lie, but they shouldn’t be dating in the first place.

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

Heechul was quick to call out the hypocrisy saying, “Just two minutes ago, you said, ‘Yes, I was that honest, see you in 10, 20 years. You said, ‘I’m going to succeed with my music…’

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

For his part, JYP explained that he didn’t want his artists to experience any difficulties.

News of Heechul being in a relationship with TWICE’s Momo broke since the episode aired, so it’s no wonder he seemed a little defensive over JYP’s response!


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