Remember When TWICE’s Sana Was Troubled By A Particular Korean Word

The hosts of the program had to help her with it.

As everyone knows, Sana is a member of TWICE‘s J-Line. Despite speaking Korean very well now, it isn’t her native language and she, quite understandably, struggled with it a bit after debuting.

When she was asked about what caused her the most trouble, she didn’t hesitate to respond.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

She revealed that she couldn’t pronounce the Korean word for “butt”!

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

The hosts tried to help her with her pronunciation, but it was still a bit of a struggle.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Even though she didn’t nail it at the time, it was still adorable to see her putting her best effort in!

Watch the whole clip below to go down memory lane and see smol baby Sana in all her cuteness: