How To Be Besties With Your Bias: You Can Rent K-Pop Idols

Would you pay to hang out with your bias?

Have you ever dreamt about being best friends with your bias? Or at least hang out with them for a day? Well, you can!

Content creator Annie Nova (@_annienova on TikTok) shared how fans can make this dream a reality.

You can literally be besties with your favorite K-Pop idol, hang out with them, go to events with them, if you have money.

—  Annie Nova

Annie Nova reminded viewers how idols are now often seen with non-celebrities, who are either rich or related to successful business people. While some are genuine friends, some pay to spend time with idols.

So, you know, how sometimes in the tabloids you see pictures of K-Pop idols hanging out with like daughters of rich businessmen. It might be like their personal friend, but sometimes they’re actually being paid to hang out with them, especially if, like, let’s say, the daughter, the girl, is younger. It’s probably her parents who are investors or just straight-up paid for the idol’s time.

—  Annie Nova

While this might come as surprising info, renting a celebrity is actually common in the entertainment industry. You can spend money on anything if you have it.

And this is actually super common within the entertainment industry. They also do this with influencers. You can rent out a K-Pop idol if you have the money for it.

—  Annie Nova

Annie Nova shared a story from a friend of a friend who rented a K-Pop idol to attend their birthday party. The idol stayed for a couple of hours to take photos and hang out.

So, a friend of a friend actually did that for their birthday party. I can’t say like the K-Pop idol, but they are huge like … every K-Pop fan would know who I’m talking about if I said the name. And this friend of a friend invited them to come to their birthday party and just hang out essentially and take pictures.

—  Annie Nova

All that can be yours, too, for the grand total of $40,000 USD! Considering we pay hundreds for concert tickets and meet-and-greet, it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

The fee? $40,000 for a couple of hours. Like if you have a bunch of money, you can be friends with K-Pop idols.

—  Annie Nova

Yet, $40,000 is a small price in comparison to others. The video went viral with 1.3M views at the time of writing. So, Anna Nova posted a follow-up video explaining the price to rent an idol varies.

A lot of people mistakenly seem to think that $40,000 is what it takes to hang out with these idols. That is not the standard. In fact, every single idol has their own rate.

—  Annie Nova

The idol mentioned in the previous video is a woman who has been in the industry for some time. So, younger idols might charge more.

So, the person that my friend of a friend rented, only charged … $40,000. Unfortunately, it’s a sad truth that the older you are as a K-Pop idol, the less money you ask for. So, the K-Pop idol that charged $40,000, it was a girl. She has been around for a while.

—  Annie Nova

Annie Nova knew of another idol who charged $75,000 USD. But details of the meeting can impact the price, depending on duration and if travel is necessary.

Whereas I’ve heard a story of this other K-Pop idol where she had only at the time been debuted for like two years … and she was charging $75,000 for a meeting. However, there’s also a lot of other things to consider, such as does the idol need to travel to this person who that’s renting them, like is it in a different country? Do they have to pay for a hotel? What does the ‘meeting’ entail? Is it just dinner? Is it drinks? It it multiple days?

—  Annie Nova

Would you rent an idol if you had the opportunity or funds?

Watch Annie Nova’s original video below.


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