Reporters Choose Their Best BTS Moments Of 2019

It’s BTS time all the time!

Reporters didn’t have to think twice about who the top star was of 2019. Without a doubt, BTS was chosen as the best public figure for the past year.




Reporter Kang Nae Ri chose BTS’s world tour as one of the best moments for BTS in 2019. The Wembley Stadium concert in particular stood out to her as she saw all the seats fill up before the show. Even though she was only there to do her job, she felt a sense of pride and happiness that BTS would be performing here.





Reporter Park Hyun Min chose BTS receiving the Top Social Artist Award for the third time in a row at the Billboard Music Awards as BTS’s best moment of the past year. He felt that this was a very meaningful award because this proved that they were influencing not only the U.S. music industry but also becoming a social influence to the world.







He also revealed that it was hard to choose just one special moment for BTS because there was never a time that it wasn’t a special moment for the group.





Reporter Ji Seung Hoon chose RM’s forest to be one of the best moments of 2019. RM has always had an interest in the environment and always thought about how to help make the environment better. Fans listened to his dilemma and made a forest near the Han River by planting 1250 bridal wreath trees (Spiraea prunifolia) in his name. Fans also plan on creating a second forest in the near future.







2019 marked the 7th anniversary since debut for BTS. In the Korean entertainment industry they call the seven-year mark the ‘bad luck’ year because it’s usually when most groups go their separate ways. Reporter Kang Nae Ri believes that BTS has worked so hard over the years that they didn’t even have time to think of things like that. They have overcome the so-called ‘bad luck’ year and are currently working hard for their new album for this year.






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