Researchers Discover The Most Desirable “Race” For Dating

Numbers don’t lie.

A study has shown that society has different views towards those who are fully Asian or multiracial Asian.

Through a study of online dating, it has been noted that Asians have a very highly gender-based way of being viewed. Researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Massachusetts studied about 6.7 million conversations between heterosexual males and females over the years from 2003 to 2010 from dating websites.

“How Asians are treated in the dating market is highly gendered. Asian women often receive similarly favorable treatment as white women do, while Asian men experience a level of discrimination that is comparable to black men.”

– Ken-Hou Lin, University of Texas Austin Assistant Professor of Sociology

However, when an Asian person would identify themselves as a multiracial Asian or “Asian-white,” the results were remarkably different.

“Both [multiracial] Asian-white women and men receive acceptance that are similar to those of whites. In fact, our studies find that white and Asian men are more likely to respond to [multiracial] Asian-white women than either Asian or white women.”

– Ken-Hou Lin

Former I.O.I member Somi was born to a Dutch-Canadian father and a Korean mother.

Likewise, white women responded to multiracial “Asian-white” men and white men most frequently, and they responded to (monoracial) Asian men and to African American men the least.

Vernon was born to a white American mother and a Korean father.

Gender differences were no longer apparent as well, and those women who were partially Asian and white were more favorable to Asian-white males than full Asian or white males. Likewise, Asian-white males were more favorable to Asian women.

Source: NBC