#RespectBTSV Trends After Big Hit Excludes V’s Handwriting In Official Merchandise

Fans hope they will stop making mistakes.

Fans began to notice the hashtag #RespectBTSV trending number one on Twitter and found out that Big Hit Entertainment made a mistake not once, but twice, on their merchandise by leaving out BTS‘s V.

This is the V’s handwriting:

From the photo below, you can see that the sixth line is V’s handwriting.

However, when you look on the long-sleeve shirt, his handwriting is missing.

If you look below, you can also see that his handwriting is missing on the pants as well.

Fans are upset at the fact that this kind of mistake was even made in the first place. Fans took things into their own hands and began contacting Big Hit about the mistake and started to trend the hashtag #RespectBTSV in order to show that they are nothing unless they are seven.

Fans hope that Big Hit can get to the bottom of this and fix this mistake as soon as possible.