The Rest Of GOT7 Looked Like FBI Agents At The Golden Disc Awards… And Then There Was Bambam

Next level extra.

As the boys of GOT7 walked the stage of the Golden Disc Awards, it may look like they all decided to wear their unique suits for the awards show. But as we look closer, we can see they’re all rocking suits from different shows and movies and they all looked like badass FBI agents. As the theme for the night was cosplay, we could see other groups tweak their outfits to match the concept. But GOT7 went all out and rocked actual costumes.

But one person definitely stands out from the rest… and that is Bambam. His suit is definitely the most unique. Stepping away from the black, he’s rocking the get up of the Mad Hatter from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.

It’s quite the contrast from his look at the red carpet, where he rocked a grey suit with a rose.

The other boys rocked suits from other popular movies. Yugyeom rocked an outfit from Men In Black.

Jinyoung wore one from Parasite, and Mark stunned as Sherlock Holmes.

While Youngjae dressed up as someone from Kingsmen, JB dressed up as Jang Chen from Outlaws, and Jackson dressed up as the Matrix.

Stan a group as extra as GOT7!