BTS Jimin’s Furry Hat Makes A Return For The “2021 Winter Package”

We love this hat on Jimin!

Recently, BTS released the preview for their 2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE and had fans feeling some type of way with the return of Jimin‘s furry hat.

Fans find his hat to look similar to the Lion’s Mane mushroom, with it’s fluffy texture.

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It turns out the beginning of Jimin’s furry hat starts with him finding the hat while filming in Helsinki!

After receiving a lot of compliments and praise from the other members, Jimin decides to wear the hat when returning to Korea.

Jimin can’t help but smile after receiving compliments on his hat by his hyungs!

He even posted a photo online to show his new hat to the fans. “J-Hope said that ARMYs would like it if I appeared wearing this hat.”

But because he bought the hat in the middle of filming, fans were sad that there weren’t too many pictures of him wearing the hat…

…but he suddenly appeared in the 2021 Winter Package with the hat once again!

Seeing this, fans are looking forward to seeing more pictures with the hat for this package!

But honestly, Jimin can pull off any type of headwear!

Watch the full preview below!

Source: theqoo