The Return Of Second-Generation Idol Groups: Will They Be Able To Relive Their Glory Days?

Which comeback are you excited for?

Second-generation K-Pop idols, such as U-KISS, INFINITE, TEEN TOP,  are continuing to make comebacks. HIGHLIGHT and SHINee, currently active as a complete group, have also started new album activities around the same time. Much attention is focused on whether these second-generation idol groups will be able to recreate their glory days.

Tango Music

U-KISS is the first to make their return as a six-member group with their new album, PLAY LIST, which dropped on June 28. The group debuted in 2008 and celebrated their 15th debut anniversary this year. It has also been five years and six months since they released music in 2017.

TOP Media

Around the same time, TEEN TOP made their debut in 2011 and became known for releasing many songs that became hits. After their song, “No Perfume on You,” regained the spotlight after appearing on an entertainment show, their three-year hiatus ended as they prepared to make a comeback. However, originally scheduled to make a comeback as five members, leader Cap withdrew from the team before their official return.

Infinite Company

INFINITE also recently established a company and announced activities as a complete group. This will be the first time the group releases new songs in five years. After leaving Woollim Entertainment, the members found new agencies but took over the trademark rights from the former agency free of charge, providing an opportunity for activities as a complete group. INFINITE Company, headed by leader Sunggyu,is solely for INFiNITE’s activities. Sunggyu stated, “I haven’t been able to do group activities for reasons such as military service, but starting last year, everyone completed the military, so I thought there was no reason not to be together.”

These second-generation groups could come back after a hiatus because their songs were receiving attention again, and the younger generation took notice. Moreover, the popularity of Y2K, which has been established as a new trend in the music industry last year, continues.

In addition, SHINee, who was active at the same time as them, released a new album, HARD, and marked their 15th debut anniversary. HIGHLIGHT, also went on stage as a complete group at the Park Music Festival in Seoul. By adding these group activities, attention is focused on whether the heyday of second-generation boy groups can resume in the music market, which has been dominated by fourth generation girl group.

It’s not the first time that idol groups, which went through the process of disbanding after their first contract period, sought a way to coexist. Previously, Shinhwa and g.o.d, the first-generation idols, and Girls’ Generation and KARA, the second-generation idols, carried out activities one after another. As cases like this continue, the vitality of the idol market, which had been relatively short, is getting longer.

Source: dailian