Reveluvs Are Getting Distracted Because Of Red Velvet’s Back Up Dancers

Visuals dancing as back-up for visuals!

Often times than not, back up dancers join K-Pop idols on stage for their performances. They may not stand out as much as the K-Pop idols do since fans mostly focus on their idols, but Reveluvs are getting distracted because of Red Velvet‘s back up dancers!

Fans have noticed that Red Velvet’s back up dancers are gorgeous and can’t take their eyes off of them!

Many fans also thinks that they look like a girl group of their own!

Reveluvs can’t stop gushing at how beautiful the back up dancers are and even joking about how they get distracted by them when watching fancams of their favorite members!

The back up dancers are visuals themselves so we can’t really blame Reveluvs for fangirling about their beauty and talent!

The dancers also have a good relationship with Red Velvet themselves which fans find adorable!

Red Velvet