ReVeluvs Take Charge By Organizing Their Own Red Velvet Online Concert Weekend: #TheReveCon

Thousands of fans tuned into Day 1 of the concert.

While many companies have been organizing online concert streaming events like BTS‘s #BangBangCon to keep fans entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown, not all fandoms have been so lucky. Since SM Entertainment hasn’t yet announced any concert streams for Red Velvet, ReVeluvs took matters into their own hands and set one up themselves.

Named The Reve Con after Red Velvet’s iconic ReVe Festival album trilogy, the online concert event was organized by the @revecharts (Red Velvet Charts) fanbase on Twitter.

Red Velvet Charts quizzed fans about which songs they’d like to see on The Reve Con setlist, making it an event every ReVeluv could take part in.

‘Day 1’ of the online concert event was streamed on Friday April 17 via a social video platform. Together, ReVeluvs watched dozens of Red Velvet music videos and stage performances stitched together like a real concert. The @revecharts team even prepared their own fan-made VCRs to enhance the experience.

At its peak, almost 3,500 fans tuned into the event and hundreds shared their experience using #TheReveCon hashtag on Twitter.

Given how successful the event was, ReVeluvs have set a precedent for any other fandoms that want to make their own entertainment during the pandemic.

And the smartest part was that every view via The Reve Con counted towards the actual view counts of the music videos on YouTube.

If you’re a Red Velvet fan and you missed out on the fun of The Reve Con Day 1, don’t worry: you can tune into Day 2 on Sunday April 19 at 2AM KST.

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