Immensely Wealthy Korean Chaebol Reveals What It’s Like To Live With So Much Money And Luxury

He confessed what it’s really like.

A Korean chaebol (top 1% wealthy families) opened up in an online post about what it’s like to live with so much money and luxury to spare.

The OP uploaded photos of their multiple expensive cars, gorgeous house, and luxuries.


They also revealed their expensive collection of luxury watches and designer handbags that they gift to their family members as an everyday present.


But despite the materialistic wealth, the chaebol confessed that there is a tremendous amount of stress and lack of freedom that comes with their lifestyle.

They claimed they were never once happy because of their money, and that the public seem to be mistaken in fantasy just by going off of TV dramas and movies.

I’m not just showing off, but I’ve seen online posts by people who live in outrageous vanity and fantasies about being rich, so I wanted to write this post as an awakening.

You might think chaebols spend money left and right like they do on TV but you need to understand the level of stress and lack of freedom behind that lifestyle.

I never once thought I was happy because I had a lot of money.

— Korean Chaebol


However, Korean netizens were not convinced as they claimed their “confession” didn’t resonate with them as they would still prefer to live in wealth.

“The confessions of a 2nd generation chaebol… I’m still envious”

“The confessions of a 2nd generation chaebol… he lives in a completely different world than me.”

“It’s because he probably never lived as poor as I am”

“Then do you want to switch with me?”

— K-Netizens

Source: SBS funE