Here Is The Richest Idol Who Made The Most Money From Real Estate And It’s Not Who You’d Think

He made $7 million from just real estate investments!

Mnet’s new ranking chart show, TMI NEWS, revealed which idol made the most money from real estate! And that person was… H.O.T‘s Jang Woo Hyuk!

Jang Woo Hyuk topped the charts thanks to his massive profit of 8.2 billion won (~$7 million USD) just from his real estate investments!

He bought his first building near Sinsa-dong back in 2003 for 2.2 billion won (~$2 million USD). That same building is now priced at 7 billion won (~$5.9 million USD)! He earned a profit of nearly $4 million USD from this building alone!

Not only does Jang Woo Hyuk own one building, but he also has another building located near Cheongdam-dong. He had purchased the building back in 2015 for 6.1 billion won (~$5 million USD). Within just the first two years, the price jumped to 9.5 billion won (~$7.9 million USD). He made nearly $4 million USD in a few years!

Jang Woo Hyuk revealed that his secret to his massive real estate success is diligence and hard work. He revealed that he studied real estate and construction for a long time before he started investing.

He also credited his famous “stingy” personality as a source of his success. He revealed that he was able to purchase his first building by saving up little by little ever since he debuted with H.O.T in 1999!

Jang Woo Hyuk second from the left with his H.O.T members.

TMI NEWS also credited other real estate moguls in the idol industry, such as IU who made 2.3 billion won (~$2 million USD) from real estate and BTS‘s J-Hope who made 1 billion won (~$850,000 USD) from a single purchase!

Not only are these idols super talented in the musical sense, but they also have a knack for making money in the right places!

Check out the full segment below: