RIIZE’s Anton Can’t Do This With The Members No Matter How Close They Are

Could you do this with your friends?

Recently, K-Pop idol group RIIZE made their first entertainment show appearance on MMTG‘s YouTube channel and chatted about various topics. During the show, they came across the topic of washing up together.

Unlike the rest of the members, Anton admitted that he was still awkward and unfamiliar with the Korean culture of taking a shower/washing up together.

RIIZE’s Anton and MC JaeJae | MMTG/YouTube
RIIZE and MC JaeJae | MMTG/YouTube

We had to go to Saudi Arabia the next day, so we had to wash up.  They usually wash together, but not me.

— RIIZE’s Anton

RIIZE’s Anton | MMTG/YouTube
RIIZE’s Anton and MC JaeJae | MMTG/YouTube

They told me to join them, but I was still a bit awkward with the Korean culture.

— RIIZE’s Anton

RIIZE’s Anton | MMTG/YouTube
RIIZE’s Anton | MMTG/YouTube

So I usually have to sit and wait until all the members finish washing up.

— RIIZE’s Anton

The other members stated that they asked him to join, but he would never come in!

RIIZE’s Sungchan | MMTG/YouTube

No matter what, he would never come in. We would say, ‘Come on,’ but he would say, ‘No I can’t go in~.’

— RIIZE’s Sungchan

Seeing as how this was a conflicting topic, they even took a poll among the production crew to see the results.

RIIZE and MC JaeJae | MMTG/YouTube

The production crew team resulted in 5:5!

Seeing that Anton was born and raised in the states, and had separate locker rooms and curtains while he was a swimmer, fans could see why this was still a bit new to him.

Netizen comments were also heavily divided on whether they could shower with a friend.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Nope.”
  • “Sure!”
  • “No, I can’t even do it with my family.”
  • “I can with my partner.”
  • “No I couldn’t.”
  • “I’ve washed up with friends many times.”

To see more, watch the full episode below!

Source: theqoo