SEVENTEEN Films The “Get A Guitar” Challenge Without RIIZE— Anton And Shotaro Respond

We need to see them do it together now!

Recently, fans couldn’t help but smile at the cute reaction from RIIZE’s Anton and Shotaro after watching SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, DK, Jeonghan, and Woozi doing the “Get A Guitar” challenge. After watching the video, fans realized that they had filmed the challenge in front of RIIZE’s waiting room!

Seeing this, Anton and Shotaro left comments on the video thanking them for taking part of the challenge!

RIIZE Anton’s comment | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

The “Gods of Music” were in front our room?! Sunbaenim you filmed it without us knowing…thank you!

⁠— RIIZE’s Anton

RIIZE Shotaro’s comment | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

Sunbaenim!! When did you film it? Thank you so much for doing our challenge! We will definitely come visit you next time!

⁠— RIIZE’s Shotaro

Netizens couldn’t help but smile at their cute reactions!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Gahhh these babies are so cute. I wish they would meet up and and do the challenge together.”
  • “I usually don’t leave comments but they are so cute I had to…”
  • “‘You came without us knowing’ this part Is so cute.”
  • “Please film this challenge together!”
  • “Please do each other’s challenges please!”

International fans also hoped to see a challenge between the two groups too!

Source: theqoo