RIIZE’s Sungchan Gains Attention For His Treatment Of Rapper Lee Young Ji

Sungchan and Shotaro showed their true personalities.

The 2023 MAMA Awards was full of deserved wins and memorable moments, including an interaction between RIIZE and rapper Lee Young Ji that fans appreciated.

Lee Young Ji

Because Lee Young Ji is a solo artist, the rapper happily waved her sign alone when everyone gathered on stage.

When Shotaro looked around the stage, he noticed Lee Young Ji behind him and politely greeted her. Sungchan also saw the rapper and decided to do something that fans appreciated.

Showing how caring they are towards others, they didn’t leave Lee Young Ji to stand alone. They encouraged her to come to the front of the stage and stand beside them.

Touching fans’ hearts, Sungchan sparked a conversation with Lee Young Ji to make sure she didn’t feel alone. He kept the rapper company until Somi came to greet her, politely moving aside so they could chat privately.

The interaction between the members and Lee Young Ji caught fans’ attention as they praised the idols for being kind and well-mannered.

Not only is RIIZE gaining attention as a notable rookie group, but they’re also being acknowledged for their thoughtful actions.

RIIZE’s Sungchan
Source: Twitter