RIIZE’s Wonbin Endears Fans With His Unique Treatment Towards Sohee

“I might have to finally get into RIIZE, Sohee is just too cute 😭”

Though RIIZE has only been active as a group for a few months, the relationship between their members seems quite close, especially for certain pairs or units. Given that they’ve been training together for a long time before they became idols, though, their closeness shouldn’t be too surprising.

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One of the most endearing relationships that fans have been fawning over recently is between Wonbin and Sohee.

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Sohee, as the second-youngest member of RIIZE, seems to bring out the older-brother-like side of many of the older members, with countless moments of them treating the younger member endearingly.

Wonbin and Sohee (RIIZE) | Pann Nate

A recent treatment that Wonbin gave Sohee has fans squealing over the cuteness, and it’s easy to see why!

Wonbin was seen adjusting the younger member’s hair, specifically his bangs, in an affectionate way. It turns out he was giving Sohee a lock of hair in the middle of his bangs, which makes Sohee look even cuter than he already does.

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It turns out, Wonbin might have been giving Sohee the kind of styling that he likes to use for himself! Wonbin has been seen multiple times with his bangs styled the same way, so it could definitely be a preference of his.

Wonbin (RIIZE)
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His actions towards Sohee became a topic of conversation recently on an online forum, and the comments section is full of praise for the cute moment.

It’s always nice to see members of the same K-Pop group treat each other like affectionate siblings!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa