Fans Are Shocked By “River Where The Moon Rises” Actress Choi Yu Hwa’s Ageless Beauty

Everyone thought that she was the same age as her co-stars…

If you’ve been keeping up with the K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises, you will recognize Choi Yu Hwa!

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She plays Hae Mo Yong, the mysterious daughter of Hae Ji Wol of the Sonobu Tribe. She is a gorgeous and ambitious woman who is determined to control Goguryeo. She is also talented at making herbal medicine, and her apothecary is said to be the best in the nation.

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Recently the actress Choi Yu Hwa has been trending in Korean news due to her unexpected beauty. Netizens discovered that she was actually born in 1985, making her 36 (37 Korean Age) this October!

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Fans couldn’t believe it as her youthful face gives no hint of age. In fact, many thought that she was a similar age to the two leads Kim So Hyun (21) and Na In Woo (26), so they were surprised to find that she was 10-15 years older!

  • “I thought that she was obviously in her 20s.”
  • “I’d believe someone if they told me she is in her early 20s.”
  • “She really looks so young.”
| @choiyuhwa/Instagram

This just proves that beauty can come at any age! How beautiful is she?

Source: Top Star New
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