RM Reveals That The BTS Members Once Seriously Forgot About Him And Left Him Behind

BTS seriously forgot about a member!

One of the drawbacks of being in a K-Pop group is sometimes losing track of certain members, and this is what happened to BTS‘s RM.

One time, the BTS members seriously forgot about RM and hilariously left him behind!

During an episode of Yaman TV, RM shared that one time when BTS was doing interviews, he decided to take a quick stop to the bathroom.

However, when he returned from the bathroom, he saw that the members had left without him!

RM was in disbelief and stood still for around 30 minutes. What made it worse was that RM didn’t have his phone with him, as it was in the car.

Suga then explained that they were using two cars that day, so the members just assumed that he was in one of them.

Jin also stated that RM went to the bathroom without saying anything, but RM denied Jin’s claim.

In the end, RM went to the security office in the parking lot to use their phone, and he was soon picked up.

Here’s the full video below!