RM Once Revealed His BTS Dance Ranking…And He Ended Up “Triggering” Some Of The Members

RM sure knows how to trigger his members!

While all the BTS members are amazing dancers, the members can be quite playful when it comes to their dance ranking.

During BTS’s first anniversary, RM decided to reveal his BTS dance ranking, but he ended up “triggering” a few of the members.

RM decided to rank Jungkook in second place, which ended up exciting him.

However, Jimin was a bit confused and asked RM who he would rank third. When RM told Jimin that he was in third place, Jimin got a little “triggered” as he didn’t agree with RM’s ranking.

RM continued his ranking and ranked V in fourth place.

When it came to fifth place, RM placed Suga and himself in the spot.

RM concluded by ranking Jin seventh, which meant that J-Hope was in first.

While Jin was cool with his ranking, Suga was a bit confused about why he was ranked alongside RM.

RM then playfully teased Suga by telling him that he was “overrated” and that he looked good dancing because he’s dancing alongside Jin and himself.

However, it wasn’t Suga’s ranking that got him “triggered”, but it was the fact that he was ranked alongside RM. However, RM stood by his ranking.

Here’s the full video below!