RM Once Revealed The Contents Of His Wallet And Was Informed What It Says About His Brain

RM losing important things, what’s new.

RM of BTS is known as quite an intelligent man. There are multiple instances of him showing how brilliant he is and being recognized for his brains.

He’s also been shown to be a simple and quite clumsy person as well. He revealed the contents of his wallet and it was surprisingly largely empty.

He had multiple reasons for his wallet being this empty. The first reason is that he had lost his original wallet and had to buy a new one and didn’t have much time to put all his stuff into it.

Looking at it, RM sure has lost a lot of important things. He didn’t just lose his wallet (which probably had lots of content inside), but also lost his identification card, which is an extremely important thing, especially in Korea.

He also revealed that he only carries around a debit card and doesn’t use credit cards. That he tends to splurge large amounts at one time, so having a credit card would only encourage this kind of behavior. Kind of ironic considering how rich he is now and would be interesting to know if he still lives by this rule.

RM was then informed on what kind of brain he had, left or right-sided. He was informed that he was right-sided due to the way the contents of his wallet were organized, which is weird because his wallet was only like this because he lost his previous one. Then, the characteristics of a right-brained person were shown and almost perfectly match with RM.