BTS’ RM And EXO’s Suho Talk About The Responsibilities And Difficulties Of Being The Leader

They understand each other.

Being the leader of a K-Pop group isn’t an easy job and is something that should be admired. Suho and RM once revealed the burdens of being the leader and how it can be an exhausting role.

They start by discussing some of the more basic duties of being a leader. Those being things like doing the group introduction or being the main spokesperson for a speech. The leader is generally the one that tries to be the “representative” of the other members.

With being the representative of their respective group, they are the main person their companies speak to when discussing something group related. This means they are usually the ones that get the bulk of the blame if there is a mistake.

They say that the most difficult part of being the leader is trying to combine everyone’s opinion, including the members and agencies. The leader is the one that exchanges the information between the group and the company. They’re the ones that put the opinion of every member into one cohesive opinion, then relay that to the company. They also have to relay the information given by the company to the individual members and get their opinion.

Fighting is also a weird topic because the group is nearly always together, so it can cause a weird atmosphere. Suho discusses that he tries to resolve fights through the group just talking and having a serious moment.

Yet, talks can be a little awkward because the group is always together and expressing your feelings can sometimes be weird, especially if it’s people you consider as family.

In the end, the two understand each other’s struggles.