Rocket Punch’s Fandom Name Sounds Just Like A Condiment And Fans Are Freaking Out

Can you guess what it is?

Woollim Entertainment‘s newest girl group, Rocket Punch, just revealed their official fanclub name!


It is none other than KETCHY!


The members were excited to reveal it in an online broadcast.


The name KETCHY was chosen as it is derived from Rocket Punch’s group name (rocKET punCH). In Korean, the words mean ‘attractive’ and ‘charming’.


Moreover, KETCHY is pronounced as ‘Catchy’, and Rocket Punch is appealing and memorable to their fans just like the English word. Their goal as a group is also to be catchy in the music scene.


While many were happy with the fanclub name…


Others thought it sounded just like the condiment ketchup.


They weren’t too pleased about it.


In the end, however, fans are accepting the name graciously and adding their own comedic twist to it.


Rocket Punch approves!