This Rookie Is SO Beautiful, You Won’t Even Believe Her Pre-Debut Pics

She was born to be a star!

MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo has a number of pre-debut pictures going around the internet, because she looked like an idol even before she was one.


Here is the legendary graduation picture that started it all.

Fans were shocked how she looked like a complete K-Pop star, even before she debuted!


Then in a series of her high school uniform pictures that followed, Yeonwoo sports a short haircut that looks just as amazing as her long hair style now.

Yeonwoo has always looked great in yellow!


Yeonwoo looked amazing out of her uniform too. And fans can catch glimpses of Yeonwoo’s current face in these blast from the past photos.


Fans have noticed that Yeonwoo hasn’t changed much since her high school days, but Yeonwoo said these pictures are actually post weight loss. When Yeonwoo successfully shed the extra pounds, her friends thought she had undergone plastic surgery!

“I used to be really heavy. I was shorter and over 130 pounds. That was pretty fat for a trainee, so I survived on one egg and one glass of milk for a while to lose weight.” — Yeonwoo


Since high school, Yeonwoo has been a dedicated, hard-working idol-material goddess!


Source: Dispatch