Rookie Boy Group E’LAST Confess Whether Idols Really Read Every Fan Letter

Can they really keep up with all that fanmail?

This month, popular YouTube channel AYO brought in five members of the rookie boy group E’LAST to discuss the realities of idol life—including the truth about fan letters. Even rookie groups can receive countless piles of handwritten letters from fans, but do they really read every single one?

Eight-member boy group E’LAST debuted under E Entertainment in June this year with their first title track, “Swear”. Since then, they’ve acquired a sizeable fandom, with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and over 1 million views on both their music videos. That must mean they receive quite a few letters from fans eager to share their love.

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However, one AYO commenter wanted to know whether the group really reads all their fan letters. Many K-Pop idols claim to, but what’s the truth?

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Do idols read all fan letters for real? I think they read it all when they’re rookies after debut.

— AYO commenter

While E’LAST can’t speak for every group, the members’ answer was clear: “Of course~ We read it all!“.

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Main vocalist Won Hyuk first appeared on the idol scene when he participated in Mnet‘s Produce X 101 survival show. While he didn’t win the finale and make it into X1, he did finish in 33rd place with over 330,000 votes. Naturally, he received a lot of fan letters during that time from viewers who hoped he’d make it through.

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The sweetest part? Won Hyuk says he keeps all his fan letters, including the ones who got while competing on Produce X 101.

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Of course, Choi In admitted it is hard to prove to fans that they really do read the letters. But, the dancer and vocalist has a clever method to get around that: when fans who wrote letters comes to fansigns, he brings their letters with him as proof.

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Meanwhile, lead vocalist Baekgyeul likes to keep his fan letters in a special box. Whenever he’s feeling down, Baekgyeul says he reads the letters and they really cheer him up.

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To Elings. We read them all~ so please send a lot of letters. A LOT~!!

— E’LAST members

Source: AYO (YouTube)
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