Rookie Boy Group E’LAST Reveals The Real Reason They Diet—And It’s Not Agency Pressure

Surprisingly, E’LAST’s company isn’t the reason they diet…

This month, popular YouTube channel AYO brought in five members of the rookie boy group E’LAST to discuss the realities of idol life—including the real reason why they go on such dedicated weight loss diets. And, surprisingly, it’s not because their agency makes them.

Eight-member boy group E’LAST debuted under E Entertainment in June this year with their first title track, “Swear”. Alongside their talents, the members have also been recognized for their impressive physiques. Of course, they couldn’t get such lean bodies without a lot of hard work.

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One AYO commenter lamented how sad it must be when male idols are “forced to go on a diet as much as female idols are“, abstaining from delicious foods like chicken and tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes). However, E’LAST revealed that’s not exactly the case.

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For starters, main vocalist Won Hyuk says the funny thing is that E Entertainment is the exact opposite when it comes to dieting. Instead of asking the members to lose weight, Won Hyuk says the company always tells them, “Please eat“.

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Main dancer Rano went on to say that he chose to lose weight in preparation for E’LAST’s debut. At first, he thought, “Ah, this should be enough“. However, while filming the music video for “Swear” and monitoring his shots, he found himself wondering whether he’d lost any weight at all.

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As such, Rano says he decided to try even harder with his exercise regime in the lead up to E’LAST’s second release, “Tears of Chaos” in November.

And lead vocalist Baekgyeul shared a similar sentiment. He explained that when the group is shooting something like a music video, he chooses to lose weight so he can “look good“. Far from the agency forcing them to diet, Baekgyeul says it’s all about “self-satisfaction“.

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Won Hyuk revealed that the members make sure they keep on top of their weight loss goals too, joking that he and Baekgyeul get into “little conflicts” if they slack on their workout routines.

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Hyuk [Won Hyuk] always gets off work first saying he’s gonna exercise, and when I get home, he’s not doing it… and when I get home, I say, “Did you not do it? Get it done before I finish showering”.

— Baekgyeul

Ultimately, while E’LAST’s fandom Eling may worry a lot about the members’ health when they’re dieting, Won Hyuk assured viewers that there’s no need to be concerned.

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Elings worry a lot, but we’re healthy so you don’t have to!

— Won Hyuk

Source: AYO (YouTube)