Rookie Female Idol Confesses How Frustrated She Is That She Can’t Date

This rookie idol was very honest about her needs to date!

DIA‘s Jenny had a photo shoot and interview with International BNT. During the interview, she shared her thoughts on dating as a K-Pop idol.


While explaining she watches a lot of K-Dramas, Jenny said, “I fall in love with the male characters all the time.”

“My latest obsession is Park Seo Joon from Fight for My Way.” — Jenny


Jenny then talked about her own love life, which was admittedly, very boring.

“I envy the couples, especially because the weather is so nice these days and I see them everywhere. I would try dating secretly, but I have no time and no opportunity.” — Jenny


Jenny briefly hinted at her ideal type when she said, “I like it when a guy has a great smile. I’m a huge fan of Seo In Guk because he can sing, he can act, and he can smile.”

Jenny explained that until she began training in high school, she had always wanted to become an actress. Throughout the interview, she showed her passion and desire for acting.


Watch her photo shoot here:

Source: BNT
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