This Rookie Girl Group Is The Apple Of Everybody’s Eye RN

They are stealing hearts!

Rookie idol group (G)I-DLE is snatching hearts left and right, and these fellow idols are smitten!

One idol who has confessed her love for the group is GFRIEND‘s Yuju! Yuju has stated on Weekly Idol that her bias group right now is (G)I-DLE.

During GFRIEND’s apperance on WE K-POP, Yuju was asked to make an acrostic poem with IDLE. She said,

Aigo, our (G)I-DLE!
Are just so pretty!
This unnie’s heart is beating!

Soloist Heize has also expressed her love for the group, saying that they have the same synergy as BTS.

Jeon Somi has been vocal about her love for (G)I-DLE, specifically member Soojin! She has posted about being obssessed with Soojin on her Instagram story and even follows a Soojin fan account!

Chungha too has stated that she wishes to collaborate with Soojin, and that she watches (G)I-DLE’s stage a lot!

Current Weekly Idol host Kwanghee has stated that he is obsessed with (G)I-DLE, and that he even memorized all of their dances!

(G)I-DLE is only getting more popular each day and fans are hoping for interactions with more fellow celebs.

Source: Pann