Rookie Girl Group (G)I-DLE Slayed Their “FAKE LOVE” Performance

(G)I-DLE covered BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” during a live stage.

Rookie girl group (G)I-DLE has blown fans away with their live “FAKE LOVE” cover.


On July 12, (G)I-DLE performed a shortened version of BTS‘s smash hit during 2018 Mcountdown in Taipei.


BTS is known for their complex, powerful dance routines, and “FAKE LOVE” is no exception. Its intricate choreography would be challenging even for veteran dancers to cover.


Even so, these rising Cube Entertainment stars weren’t afraid to dive right in!


Since (G)I-DLE has one less member than BTS, a few minor adjustments were made for the dance to look balanced and natural.


(G)I-DLE’s vocal line gave “FAKE LOVE” a softer, sweeter sound than the original…


…while the rap line brought all the fire their parts demanded.


Fans of both (G)I-DLE and BTS have applauded (G)I-DLE’s killer performance.


Some are even calling for a collaboration!


You can check out (G)I-DLE’s entire “FAKE LOVE” performance here.