Rookie Girl Group Kiss Each Other In Public, Fans Shocked And Disgusted

“Absolutely disgusting.”

The members of the rookie girl group fromis_9 were seen “kissing” in public and netizens’ reactions were anything but positive.

The members were playing an old Korean game sometimes called the “Pepero kiss game” where two people eat from both sides of a Pepero stick and the team with the shortest remaining stick wins.

The fromis_9 members, however, seemed a bit bolder than most people and got really close, nearly kissing.

Photos and GIFs of the members playing this game have shocked netizens and, quite frankly, some were disgusted.

  • “I’m a guy and this kind of stuff is a turn-off.”
  • “What is this;;;”
  • “Seriously the Pepero game is disgusting.”
  • “That’s how they’re promoting them? It’s no good.”
  • “Wow they’re still doing this game? The extremes they have to go…”
  • “Absolutely disgusting.”

The members got into pairs and began eating away at the Pepero sticks.

Some pairs got really close and even touched lips.

Many netizens were angry at the production staff for making this rookie group do such an unpleasant game.

  • “Why are they making them do such a thing…?
  • “Why…why are they doing this…why…”
  • “Who directed this…”
  • “Don’t make them do this.”
  • “Regardless of who’s playing it, they look so cheap. Why are they doing this to them.”

Others simply expressed their disdain.

  • “It’s gross when guys do it and it’s totally the same with girls too. I hate this, even if it’s with the opposite gender.”
  • “I hate this even if it’s my idols. Stop making them do this game and the one where they pass around paper with their mouth.”
  • “This game is gross no matter who does it. We did this at our college orientation trip and seriously I wanted to poke the Pepero stick in the eyes of the guy who planned it.”