Rookie Girl Group Member gets inspiriation from her role model: One Piece’s Whitebeard

Idols are often asked who their role model is and the answer is commonly a celebrity they aspire to be… Momoland’s Yeonwoo’s role model is a fictional character!

Yeonwoo was asked during an interview who she looked up and she revealed that her role model was Edward Newgate aka. Whitebeard – from the popular anime, One Piece.

She didn’t reveal much further but fans of One Piece will know what qualities attracted Yeonwoo to choose Whitebeard as her role model.

Whitebeard is a pirate in the anime and unlike other pirates, he thinks of family more importantly than treasure/money.

In the anime, Whitebeard is the leader of the largest pirate crews and Yeonwoo most likely thinks unity is the key to success when translated to her group, Momoland.

Whitebeard is also known for being in great physical condition and fast reflexes. A quality that can be seen in Yeonwoo’s dedication to being fit!

Even though Yeonwoo’s choice of a role model is unorthodox, after knowing these qualities of her role model of choice, fans can understand why Whitebeard is a great role model!

Source: Idol Best