The Rookie Girl Group That Reminds SHINee’s Key And Sandara Park Of Their Own Debuts

“They have something…something that you feel in your heart.”

SHINee‘s Key and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park (also known as Dara) are veteran artists in K-Pop, having debuted in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Sandara Park and Key. | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Although they’ve been in the industry for over ten years, a particular rookie group has recently caught their attention for giving them a welcome blast from the past.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

While on Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, Sandara Park talked about the new generation of K-Pop groups. She acknowledged one group that has a certain spark. Sandara Park said, “Yes, there are many hoobae-nims (juniors) who are doing well. There’s BLACKPINK and more, but NewJeans has that rookie freshness.

When Sandara Park and Key attended the Love Your W event and saw NewJeans, they reacted similarly. She said, “I actually saw them perform at an event with SHINee’s Key. While watching them, we both were like, ‘Oh my… Doesn’t this remind you of when we debuted?’

The refreshing old-school sound that gained NewJeans attention also reminds Sandara Park and Key of the past. Sandara Park tried to explain the group’s unique color, which drew everyone in.

Sandara Park: I think many sunbaes (seniors) would agree, but they have the same perfume as the era when we debuted…

Kim Shin Young: Energy and the overall…

Sandara Park: Yes. They have something…something that you feel in your heart.

Not only is NewJeans getting all the love and attention from fans and fellow K-Pop idols, but veteran idols are falling for their charms too.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Key even posted a clip of that particular NewJeans performance to his Instagram story to reminisce on his own rookie days.

Source: Twitter