Rookie Girl Group Refutes Common Misconception People Have About Idols With Short Training Periods

Don’t look down on them!

Even though they’re a newly-debuted girl group, the girls from BLING BLING were happy to share their insider knowledge on YouTube channel AYO. They discussed everything from how rookie groups can wear luxury goods to what people don’t know about street-cast idols.

Another comment they reacted to was, “Rookies who had short training periods might not be desperate enough. Usually training takes 4-5 years at least”.

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Members JuhyunJieun, and Yubin immediately refuted the netizen, exclaiming, “Never!”

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They were firm that the length of one’s training is not important.

I don’t think it matters whether the training period is short or long.

— Juhyun

In their eyes, these trainees sacrificed just as much as others who were in the company longer. They condensed the same amount of work and desperation into a few months.

I think they made it to debut because they’re that desperate even though their training was short.

— Jieun

More importantly, even if an idol was cast in the group shortly before their debut, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t preparing beforehand.

They might have gone to an academy before training or had auditions.

— Juhyun

Some idols, like LOONA‘s Olivia Hye who only had one day of training, are known for being all-rounders despite debuting almost right away.

In BLING BLING’s own words, “Just because training was short, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing they tried hard on. So it’s not that they aren’t desperate!”

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To know more insider information about the K-Pop industry in the eyes of rookies, check out the full video below!

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