Here’s What A Rookie Girl Group Is Doing To Succeed In The Midst Of The Pandemic

They had to make adjustments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most industries, and K-Pop is no exception. Among the hardest hit in K-Pop are rookie groups who have yet to build a large fanbase and must now attempt to do so online.

In a recent video by YouTube channel AYO, girl group woo!ah! was invited to talk about their experiences as rookies.

They were asked how they interact with fans now that face to face meetings aren’t possible.

It’s very difficult for rookies to perform these days. They can’t even meet fans because of COVID-19. What should they do?

— AYO Netizen Question

According to leader Nana, they are doing their best to succeed and meet fans by holding video events: “We haven’t met fans in person since our debut, but we had a video fansigning event“.

Although they would very much prefer meeting in person, they nonetheless enjoyed seeing fans online.

Nana expressed how she felt at the time, saying, “It was very nice, happy, and wonderful to meet and communicate with each fan“.

They then gave hilarious examples of the problems that come with hosting online fansigning events, such as slow internet connection.

Japanese member Sora ended by sending a video message on behalf of the group for all of their fans.

To fans, we can’t meet because times are bad, but we’re so glad that we can talk through a video signing event. Please come a lot, and we love you!

— Sora

Get to know woo!ah! in the full video below.

Source: AYO