Rookie Girl Group Wears See-though Pants, Exposes Their Underwear On Stage

Some question whether Korean girl group SIXBOMB (and others like them) have started to go too far in order to gain fame. Whether or not you agree with their methods—or whether this was the result of an accidental wardrobe malfunction in which the pants appeared to be opaque in weaker light—the tactic has certainly garnered a lot of attention.

SIXBOMB’s translucent, neon-green tights caused their black underwear to appear as clear as day.

Their dance moves also didn’t help to leave anything to the imagination.

In spite of their see-through tights, the girls were confident as ever.

They definitely killed their performance, though!

SIXBOMB is a girl group from Pacemaker Entertainment, and their sexy performances and daring outfits are going viral among Korean netizens.

Watch the full video of SIXBOMB’s performance below: