Rookie Group IZ Reveals The Precious Piece Of Advice Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk Gave Them

BTS’s legendary producer gave this new rookie group an inspiring piece of advice!

The rookie group IZ has recently held a showcase for their second mini-album “Angel”.

Bang Si Hyuk (CEO of Big Hit Entertainment and producer of BTS) and Kim Do Hoon (Rainbow Bridge World‘s resident songwriter who produced MAMAMOO) participated in this album and raised expectations for their comeback.


It was revealed that their songs “Angel” and “Granulate” were produced by Bang Si Hyuk (“Hitman” Bang) himself.

Kim Do Hoon (RBW) also participated in the song “Crush on You”.


Bang Si Hyuk ended up working with the group on their album after discovering IZ’s potential through their cover of 2AM’s “Never Let You Go”, which he composed.


While working on the album together, IZ revealed an important piece of advice they received from the legendary producer.

“You’re still just starting out so you probably won’t see your path but if you continue to do your best, that path will become evident. BTS was the same. I hope you will grow into a great boy band.” ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk


The members also shared their first impression of Bang Si Hyuk, who they first saw on Star Audition: The Great Birth. Bang Si Hyuk personality on the show, where he did not hesitate to make harsh and cold remarks to the contestants, was apparently at odds with his true personality.

“We thought he was going to be intimidating because of the cold image he had on TV but he was surprisingly shy. We’re sorry to say, but he was very cute.” ㅡ IZ 


So far, “Angel” has been receiving much love from fans!


They even ranked at number 1 on the Entertainment section of the search engine Naver on the day of their showcase.


With the inspiration they received from Producer Bang Si Hyuk, fans hope to see IZ spread their wings even further! Check out IZ’s “Angel” from their showcase below!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and Ilgan Sports