Rookie Idol Cuts Off His Dreads And He Looks Completely Different Now

The transformation is just… WOW!

Rookie Idol HBY‘s Marco cut off his iconic dreads and now looks completely different, shocking fans with his transformation.

Marco is currently competing on KBS‘s idol rebooting project The Unit for one of the 9 positions available in the show’s upcoming boy group. Currently ranked #15, he is still in the running to grab one of the last spots.

Marco gained attention on the show for his funny personality, cute visual, and most importantly, his trademark dreadlocks.

The Unit‘s host and mentor, Rain, suggested to Marco that he should cut off his dreadlocks, believing his visuals would shock others.

“My personal thought is, how about changing your hairstyle? I think you’re handsome.

If you change your hairstyle to something more natural, I think it will shock everyone.”

— Rain

Rain was definitely right as Marco’s new hairstyle showcases his handsome visuals and has fans shook.

He almost looks like a completely different person now.

Source: Dispatch